Invest Iran


Invest Iran

Investment in Iran and Market Entry

- Traditionally, Germany and Iran have close economic ties. Iran is still one of the most important sales markets in the region for German enterprises – a trend that after the sanctions have been lifted most likely will gain momentum and dynamic in the years to come.

- Based upon a decades-long investment tailback, many cross-industry projects with huge investment volumes are about to be finalized, e.g., in the service sector, the expansion of the traffic system, or the modernization of industrial plants. Owing to high investment volumes and long-running terms, participating in such projects is attractive not only for major enterprises, but also, in particular, for small and medium-sized businesses that  are often in a position to offer apposite solutions for the needs of Iranian partners.

- Legal and cultural characteristics must, however, be heeded for a successful market entry in Iran. Owing to our comprehensive knowledge of the local characteristics and our broad network of local business consultants and lawyers, we will incorporate such characteristics, together with you, in the development and implementation of a successful market entry strategy.