One-Stop Counseling on Market Entry in Iran – From Market Analysis and Market Entry Strategies to Operative Implementation

Iran is one of the most interesting and dynamic economic markets in the world. Particularly in view of the recently lifted sanctions and a decades-long investment tailback , a potential market entry in Iran offers a lot of opportunities. However, only with the right market entry strategy it is possible to achieve minimizing contingent risks and to pave the path to a successful market entry. As the first German consulting firm with its own office in Teheran we are in command of the required know-how for that. We will be sharing with you our knowledge with regard to the specific local conditions as well as assisting you to develop a market entry strategy into Iran that is optimally fine-tuned to your needs and to gain the trust of your business partners. In this context, BAMBOOTEEN GMBH is offering a team of business-sector consultants, lawyers, finance specialists, and marketing experts who, in a target- and result-oriented fashion, are providing to our clients their expert knowledge about Iran, and who are themselves thinking like entrepreneurs. Highly valuable and qualified contacts to potential business partners and productive distributors are being established by way of our broad network in Iran in order to realize a quick and efficient market entry.

Business Organization – BAMBOOTEEN GMBH: Your Partner for the Market Entry in Iran

·         BAMBOOTEEN GMBH's roots come from the German Middle East Lawyers Association, an association of law-firms in Germany and the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa). Meanwhile, BAMBOOTEEN GMBH has developed into an internationally acting legal and business consulting entity which consults European enterprises about their business activities in the entire Middle East. Today, BAMBOOTEEN GMBH has 26 offices in 18 countries. The network consists of leading law-firms, consulting firms and research facilities in the region. More than 500 lawyers and consultants are working for BAMBOOTEEN GMBH. Such expertise, singular in the German-speaking world, constitutes BAMBOOTEEN GMBH as the first-choice counterpart for the development and counseling in market entry strategies in the MENA region. A particular focus of our activities is on Iran. Not only are we able to locally revert to a broad cross-industry network,  but we also have, aside from two local partner law-firms and other Iranian partners, our own office in Teheran.


Investment in Iran and Market Entry

·         Traditionally, Germany and Iran have close economic ties. Iran is still one of the most important sales markets in the region for German enterprises – a trend that after the sanctions have been lifted most likely will gain momentum and dynamic in the years to come.

·         Based upon a decades-long investment tailback, many cross-industry projects with huge investment volumes are about to be finalized, e.g., in the service sector, the expansion of the traffic system, or the modernization of industrial plants. Owing to high investment volumes and long-running terms, participating in such projects is attractive not only for major enterprises, but also, in particular, for small and medium-sized businesses that  are often in a position to offer apposite solutions for the needs of Iranian partners.

·         Legal and cultural characteristics must, however, be heeded for a successful market entry in Iran. Owing to our comprehensive knowledge of the local characteristics and our broad network of local business consultants and lawyers, we will incorporate such characteristics, together with you, in the development and implementation of a successful market entry strategy.


Corporate Philosophy

We will develop solutions for you that are highly efficient as well as practical. Our regional network of selected partners enables us to optimally adapt your needs to the parameters, locally, and to demonstrate the best possible solutions. We regard our clients as our partners. Along with you, we will develop sustainable and forward-looking solutions. We do not offer any off-the-shelf solutions, but individualized concepts that are being developed based upon your specific needs. Your success is our most significant maxim.


Market Entry in Iran

·         We ensure that you are well positioned for your market entry. Thus, you increase your chances for successful business activities. At the same time, we are going to minimize the risks of your project. We will be working out a market entry strategy for you that is divided up into modules. Therefore, you will be able to choose only single modules in the event that you already have your own expertise with regard to particular modules or if you already have put in your own efforts.

·         When negotiating with potential business and distribution partners, it is particularly helpful to have people at your side who are well versed with the specific business practices in Iran, in order to achieve the best possible negotiation results. BAMBOOTEEN GMBH has exactly all the makings for that, and commands a unique expertise with regard to Iran.

·         As business consultants, we are going to assist you in developing the optimal market entry strategy for Iran. In order to achieve a sustainable success in a new market, it is imperative to consider various factors, like the legal and political situation in Iran, the specific market conditions in your business sector, and the specific organization of a sales network. The goal is to minimize the risks in advance, and, as best as possible, avoid any disputes by selecting qualified and trustworthy business partners and suitable distributors as well as by properly designing the contracts.

·         Every project is individual – so is our consulting. We do not proceed according to strict patterns; our strength is flexibility, and the ability to recognize the specific peculiarities of your project and to develop custom-made solutions. If you plan your own market entry, we assist you finding distributors, and, as the case may be, sponsors. Sometimes, the partnership with an Iranian company may be a better strategy in order to get access to Iranian market. In this case, we will assist you as business consultants in developing the optimal strategy, and to subsequently put it into operation.

Re-entry into Business in Iran and Business Optimizing

·         The long-standing business relations between Germany and Iran have taken a severe hit caused by the sanctions in the 2010 nuclear dispute. The German-Iranian trade volume, therefore, went down by more than a half between 2010 and 2013, and the number of German companies in the country dropped rapidly. Based upon the fact that Iran not only had agreed on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to resolve the dispute on Iran's nuclear program, but also had acted accordingly, the sanctions now have been lifted in January 2016. This will have the effect that the re-entry into the Iranian market could be an attractive alternative for German enterprises. BAMBOOTEEN GMBH will assist you finding the appropriate re-entry strategy for Iran, or sustainably expanding existing business sectors.

·         Regardless of what strategic considerations are driving you, we are gladly at your side with “advice and action”. Particularly in the event that an existing business activity does not produce the desired results, it makes even more sense to have the previous business strategy examined by experienced business consultants, instead of abruptly stop doing business in Iran, entirely.

·         The Iranian market can be tricky, at certain times. We make sure that you not only perceive the difficulties, but also realistically appreciate the market chances.


Our Consulting Range

·         Market analysis for the market re-entry

·         Development of specific market re-entry strategies as well as assistance at  implementation of same

·         Evaluation of your business strategy

·         Assistance at restructuring your existing business sector

·         Strategic reframing of existing branches

·         Reverse transaction and assistance in a well-arranged exit from Iran


Legal Consulting

·         Through our partner WZR we have a German law firm at our disposal with excellent business competence in Iran.  Jointly we are offering our clients thorough legal consulting services for the Iranian market in any legal field. Several jurists are working in our firm whose legal focus is on Iran. In addition, two of the most prominent Iranian law firms belong to our network; therefore, we are in a position to effectively advise you in any legal matter in relation to Iran. Likewise, we are accepting legal assignments by Iranian enterprises in the German-speaking world.


Our Legal Portfolio

·         Comprehensive consulting as to all legal fields regarding Iran

·         Legal Consulting specifically regarding contractual issue

·         Legal Consulting regarding the sanctions

·         Legal Consulting as to all questions regarding residential or labor law in Germany and Iran

·         Legal Consulting as to the enterprise related real estate law

·         Legal assistance at the posting of employees in Iran as well as in Germany, and at visa matters